Taylor Downing - Television

Taylor founded Flashback Television in 1982 which has been one of the leading factual independent production companies in the UK. For many years he has been Managing Director and Head of History at Flashback. He has produced more than 200 historical documentaries over the last twenty years and a wide variety of other programmes ranging from educational programming to drama-documentaries. 


His recent TV credits as Producer or Executive Producer include

  • 1983 - THE BRINK OF APOCALYPSE (for Channel 4 and Discovery US - winner of the Grierson Award for the Best Historical Documentary of 2008)
  • 50 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT BRITISH HISTORY (7 x 1 hrs for The History Channel and The Daily Telegraph)
  • ANDY McNAB's TOUR OF DUTY (6 x 1 hrs for ITV)
  • UNEXPLAINED WITH TONY ROBINSON (3 x 1 hrs for Channel 4)
  • WEAPONOLOGY (26 x 1 hrs for Discovery US)
  • MARRIED TO THE PRIME MINISTER with Cherie Booth (Channel 4)
  • THE LOST EVIDENCE (24 x 1 hrs for History Channel US)
  • SPEED MACHINES (8 x 1 hrs for Channel 4 and Discovery)
  • BATTLE STATIONS (40 x 1 hrs for the History Channel US)
  • And many others

Other Award winners and nominations include

  • RETURN TO NABLUS - Wincott Broadcasting Award 2010 and International Emmy Current Affairs nomination for 2009
  • TWO SCHOOLS IN NABLUS - International Japan Prize 2008 and Royal Television Society Education Award 2008
  • AUSCHWITZ - THE FORGOTTEN EVIDENCE nominated for a BAFTA Television Award 2005
  • BEHIND IRAQI LINES - Telly Award 2004
  • And many others going back to FLASHBACK (the original series produced for Channel 4 in 1983-4) winner of the first ever BFI Award for Archival Achievement 1984