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Little, Brown 2010

Paperback 2011

Churchill's War Lab: Code Breakers, Boffins and Innovators, the Mavericks Churchill led to Victory is an account of Churchill as war leader and his relationships with the generals, admirals and air marshals in the Second World War and how he used maverick scientists and radical scientific ideas in his quest for victory. From the development of radar and the breakthroughs at Bletchley Park to the study of the D-Day beaches and the use of bouncing bombs, this brilliant and gripping narrative reveals Churchill’s style of war leadership and shows how he inspired an unprecedented crucible for change.

‘Downing’s vivid and fast-paced retelling of Churchill’s remarkable career – from callow war correspondent to battle-hardened leader of men – takes centre stage.’

David Evans, Financial Times

‘An intriguing account of the contribution of quirky ideas and maverick inventors to the war effort.’

Michael Kerrigan, The Scotsman

An Abacus paperback, 2011